Oh! Rainy Drops

Strolling on the roof top I’m out there in rainfall And it’s enchanting my heart While feeling rainy drops I am surrounded by the pearls In ocean of emotions I can hear my heart’s cry Loud under the teary sky Rain of tears that I hide Flowing down through my eyes But invisible in rainy […]

The Midnight Rainfall

It’s raining And my heart is pouring From my window while hearing Musical sounds of soul soothing Calm and tiny rainy drops In a lovely midnight rainfall Feeling the sounds Like tears flowing down All the way from the sky And are sinking by Deep into my soul and heart Without having a word I […]

The Day I Turned Away

The day I turned away From my past, an unlit hallway; Everything remained same Sun rose with full flame Shined more to light the days Like it never lost its loyal fame A full bright moon and all the stars Were lightening my soul and heart I remember my eyes shed tears And in the […]

The Chilly Nights

In cold winter’s chilly nights Through my window’s sight Looking at black velvet sky I am srrounded by the starlight Delightful scene of moonlight Serve as reason to smile In the white shining lights I want to hold it all tight The inciting treasure of life I can feel my soul to flight In search […]

My Dear Cool Uncle

I’ve been gifted on a best day of my life With you, a soul having purity infinite The one who brought joys to my life And tried to make all the wrong right I found a loving and caring father in you Beautiful feelings of being daughter too You’re the first one who called me […]

Yes! I Am Alive

I’m a shining star in the sky A bird flying in the way A feather in gusts of wind Often pass through thick and thin A firm belief to make me free To stand alone like a tree A bright sunshine Manifestation of colored lights The reflection of love Therein I’m blessed The gloss of […]

One Life The Only Chance

Life comes around you once Buy smiles no matter in chunks Once is enough if we do it right Step up while you’re in your prime Some things in life are bad They can really make you mad Act and go against your wishes Hard to express your feelings Enjoy the life and live in […]